Well, my daughter is set on calling everything, “bean buns”. The other night she said, “Mommy, you smell good” and I said, “What do I smell like?” and after a long pause, she exclaimed, “BEAN BUNS!”  I think she gets it from Kung Fu Panda. So I made bean buns….mind you I had no red bean paste but I made two kinds…a dessert kind with marshmellows, chocolate chips, dried apricots, dates and toasted walnuts and then a pot roast version with pot roast, carrots, potatoes, and garbanzo beans. She didnt’ try either. She did however, tell me that she wanted mushrooms, to my surprise….until I realized that what she was calling “mushrooms” were the marshmellows. Go figure. 

Dorian, my son, who is only 14 months old, pulled a kleenex out of the box today, looked at me and tried to wipe my nose (since he’s had a yucky one for several days) and said, “booger!” yep, he’s smart.  He also says things like, “Yuck! and Mommy, Daddy, sista, craka, Elmo, apple, owl, bye-bye, baby Jesees (Jesus) and chocate (chocolate.) He’s catching on fast. Now if I can get him to say zombie and then antiestablishmentarianism….ha ha! He’s a bit of an escape artist as well. Daddy left this morning for work, and I went to flip the bacon. Then I came around the corner and he had opened the front door and was standing on the top agragate step. Way to give me a heart attack kid!