My kids say the darndest things…well at least the one that can talk. Here are some words that she says on a regular basis and the actual interpretation of what the English word would be.

Mommy, where’s my mezzagine? (magazine) There’s a meps! (mouse) It’s ok, it’s just a scarecorn (scarecrow.)  Happy Jackoleen! (Haloween-this also applies to jack o’lanterns). Hadeyooduh! (Hallelujah!) Mommy, I want some ronies! (pepperoni pieces)  Scape (step stool). Bobbum (bottom). Could you forgive brother that’s not ok for scratching people? (you get that she is asking me to forgive brother for scratching her). Hey mommy, (pointing at a zombie picture) I think that guy is rude!  Shreck is my favorite color! I want to watch Merrin Pappa (Mary Poppins). Spunjob (Sponge Bob). Cowpuder (catterpilar).